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Podcast – Talking to Phil Jewitt about the Sociable Organisation

Originally posted on John Popham's Random Musings:
This is the first in what may be a series of podcasts in which I talk to people whose work I particularly admire about some aspect of what they are doing. In…

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Park life, where people help people

Every weekend I go to my local park. I walk through the woods, round the lakes and have a coffee at the cafe. Roundhay Park is a place I’ve visited for nearly 50 years. Nearly! It has great landscapes and … Continue reading

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Social customer service

Last week’s Shift Happens post strongly hinted at a follow up post from the customer services Digital Access Team at Leeds City Council. Well, true to form, they have provided the following update on how they have found adding social … Continue reading

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Shift happens

Two years ago I invited someone I had met through social media to a meeting where we could share a drink and have a chat. I wasn’t sure if they would come, but they did. We talked about stuff that … Continue reading

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Facing up to our facts

For people of my generation who went to school in the early 70’s, the image above is probably typical. Even before we could read or write our names, most of us were encouraged to associate them with ‘our space’. I … Continue reading

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Always people first

I’ve learned that if you wait until something is perfect, it won’t be; not for everyone anyway. The delay will probably have had a detrimental effect on what you were trying to do. So I had an idea and put … Continue reading

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Getting IT together and connecting people

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s one of my Dad’s sayings that sort of make sense if you don’t take them too literally….or if you tweak them slightly. I’ll come back to this. The other week I … Continue reading

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