2 Aug 2013 Tweetmeet

The following is a direct copy from Angie Legge’s ‘Collaborating with cakes’ blog post. It sums the meet up perfectly.

Cakes at Tweet Meets is becoming a bit of an established tradition, as the third #HSCLeeds Tweet Meet today featured Jostaberry cake, Sweet Sesame cake, and Baklava! You would have been forgiven for thinking it was a joint event with a baking group. But it was all fuel for what is proving to be a growing agenda.

The city wide work on Social Media is building from the contributions of those who participate. It isn’t controlled by any single organisation, and its great to have St Gemma’s Hospice, and Volition join in the mix. It makes me think about the range of groups and organisations that contribute to the Health and Social Care economy in the city. As someone who lives in the city, it’s reassuring to be aware of what is out there! We spent a little time talking about some of the groups, and how we could potentially support each other. It was interesting to hear St. Gemma’s experience, the need to consider access to the best names on social media for the organisation, and the issues when a facebook following reaches over 6000.

The obvious support of course, is sharing guidance, and training. We looked at a couple of impressive websites which give advice to staff on using social media. For example, we liked the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Social Media Toolkit. We’d all like to replicate them – but it would make sense to look at whether we can have one website for all of us. After all, this isn’t information that needs to be secure – it’s about promoting good social media sense. We could pool skills and ideas, and the capacity to update the site in reaction to new media forms. Because there will be new media, and new generations of employees who know all about them.

The idea of a joint website though did keep going. With new people asking about how this all started, we needed somewhere to keep notes, links and guidance. Phil Jewitt agreed to add #HSCLeeds to a tab on The Sociable Organisation blog – [done as you are here! PJ]

There were some other key events we discussed, most notably the Leeds Digital Festival coming up in October @LDSDigital – and we agreed that #HSCLeeds should be represented.

Then there is the Social Care Curry, at the Mumtaz on 5th September. The twitter account for that is @SocialCareCurry. September looks like its becoming Social Media Month in Leeds! It will be #TrulySocial.

Lastly, the next #HSCLeeds Tweet Meet will be on Tuesday 10th September at 6:30pm at Tech North in Chapel Allerton.

Angie Legge
Deputy Risk Manager
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust


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