Starting Conversations we’d like to have…

The health & social care tweet meets in Leeds (#HSCLeeds), are about conversations, networking, and putting people in touch. At the moment we are working on a joint, city-wide approach to social media. This way, we can avoid replicating work unnecessarily. Well, I say we, I think most of the work is being done by @VictoriaBetton @philjewitt and Victoria Pickles. My contribution is promoting Tweet Meets and bringing cake…. Although I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so much cake at a Tweet Meet! Thanks to @AliciaRidout and @BHILeeds for their contributions. Alicia makes amazing shortbread!

We talked about the forthcoming Digital Conference in October. There is an idea in the making about doing something to bring in ideas and comments, starting a citywide conversation. It’s an interesting idea, which @timstraughan is leading. There is hope to get some analysis done of the conversations (would be great if we could get some infographics!), possibly running this as a pilot for future work. More to follow on this at a later date! Its very exciting…

There was talk about the difficulties of social media, particularly for small organisations, and for frontline staff. How do we support those who are on social media, and those who are looking to start out. There was praise for the work @johnpopham is doing to help people use social media, and for the Social Media Café run by Leeds Partnerships NHS Trust at @InkwellArts. Other organisations were looking to start drop in sessions for staff. The more we can help each other, the better we can help staff across the city.

We felt that there may be value in inviting some speakers to the Tweet Meets. There are experts around in aspects of social media who would be able to offer advice and support as we try to work out the best way forward. The first suggestion was blogging. Several of those present had never tried to blog, and it can be quite daunting. A few tips and pointers would be really valuable. So watch this space! Dates and names to be announced…We are going to be starting the conversations we’d like to have….


3 Responses to Starting Conversations we’d like to have…

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  2. Phil Jewitt says:

    Nice post Angie. Firstly don’t underestimate your contribution. This ‘thing’ will move in various directions and I hope others will give direction and bring insight for sharing. I’m meeting up with Heather from @BHILeeds shortly to talk her through blogs and how they may be of use for her. I don’t contribute home bakes so that is something I can do that hopefully helps. Thanks to Grace @PHRCLeeds for hosting the meet and keeping us in order.

  3. John Farenden says:

    Sorry to have missed it. And the cake. It’s been a busy buzzy week and it’s only Wednesday.

    #hscleeds Tweetmeet on Tuesday evening clashed with Leeds Innovation Health Hub Management Group meeting, keeping the momentum going down that path.

    Also on Tuesday, Pulse published news of H&SC pioneers at using Leeds and Bradford as their two examples…

    On Wednesday we had the NHS England technology entrepreneurs workshop – 200+folk from all over the country coming into the city. A few of comments posted to #nhssme during the meeting….

    “great talk from Tim about what is happening in Leeds”

    “sounds like Leeds LIHH is a great idea. Shouldn’t these be in every city?”

    “Wahay – Leeds is the future for health companies. So how can being part of it help a local SME? ”

    “Love the Idea of leeds innovation hub. How can we make this happen in #Sheffield”

    Speaking to someone after the event they were taken aback (a.k.a. gobsmacked) to realise how you are using SM to create such rich communication channels across the hospital, acute, community, primary and social care sectors and beyond.

    Excited by prospect of Digital conference and a city-wide conversation about H&SC. Anyone talking to Trinity Leeds about opportunity to use their digital media screens as a means of surfacing the conversations ? Or the screen in Millenium Square ? Messages about what people want from Leeds H&SC appearing across a map of the city in realtime as they are sent. Promote the use of the LEODIS blue phone boxes to get people to leave video blogs of what they want from Leeds H&SC. Capture the rich streams of digital ideas (digideas ?) for later analysis and feedback to H&WB, HW Leeds, CCGs, the city, everyone…Sorry overheating with too many ideas for this time of the evening.


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